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Complete Guide to lures and baits $10.00
Foxes by the 100`s $12.00
Fox Trapping Methods $7.00
Mink by the 100`s $12.00
Raccoon Trapping Methods $6.00
Winter Fox Trapping Methods $8.00
Beaver & Otter Trapping $12.00
Land Sets and Trapping Techniques $12.00
Mink Trapping Techniques $12.00
The Dirthole and its Variations $12.00
Variations of the Flat Set $12.00
Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods $20.00
New Snare Methods $15.00
Life of Coyotes & its Survival in the Wild $20.00
The Next Generation of Life of Coyotes and its Survival in the Wild $20.00
   Austin Passamonte
Mink & Muskrat $12.00
High Volume Coon Trapping $12.00
High Volume Fox Trapping $15.00
Eastern Coyote Trapping $12.00
High Competition Beaver Trapping $12.00
   Bob Noonan
Fisher Trapping Guide $15.00
   Mark June
Coyote Trapping $20.00
   Kyle Kaatz
Land Trapping Made Simple -
Easy to understand information on how to land trap fox, coon , coyote and other animals.
   Kellen Kaatz
Encyclopedia of Lure and Bait Making -
An in depth look into lure and bait formulation.
   Gerald Schmitt
Mega Mink Methods $10.00
Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping-
Maximize your catch with a system geared to improve your trapline.
   "Red" O`Hearn
Coon Trapping the Untold Story $9.95
   John Epler
All About Professional Fur Handling $14.95
   Robert Vance
Price Guide to Collector Steel Traps $12.95
Steel Traps Obsolete and Antique $12.95
   Jim Spencer
The Mink Manual-
Photos and detailed drawings describe best sets, tips and tactics. Easy to understand language by an experianced trapper.
Guide to Trapping -
Comprehensive 224 page book covers most common furbearers. Information includes trap choice, adjustment and treatment, scouting, set location, trap fastening, fur handling and marketing.
Raw Fur Handling at its Best -
Shows how to properly put up fur to get the most money.