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Peterson Furs Urine, Fish Oils and Bait Ingredients
Product Prices
Bobcat Urine 7.50 per 16 oz. squirt bottle / 1/2 Gal. $21.50
Red Fox Urine 5.50 per 16 oz. squirt bottle / 1/2 Gal. $14.00
Coyote Urine $6.00 per 16 oz. squirt bottle / 1/2 Gal. $17.00
Fish Oil 6.00 per 16 oz. / 1/2 Gal. $15.50
Shell Fish Oil $2.50 per 1 oz. / 8.00 per 4 oz.
Salmon Oil $7.50 per 16 oz. squirt bottle / $21.50 Per 1/2 Gal.
Anchovy Oil $8.50 per 16 oz. / $29.00 Per 1/2 Gal.
Anise Oil $4.50 per 1 oz. / 14.00 per 4 oz.
Sodium Benzoate $4.50 per pint
Glycerine Oil $6.00 per pint / $14.50 1/2 Gal
Propylene Glycol $6.00 per pint / $14.50 1/2 Gal
PM Furs Coon Grabbers These soft round bait discs are like gummy bears for coon. Designed for use with Grizz` Getrz`,Z-Trap and Duke DP. Available in Anise, Grape, Raspberry, Shellfish, Wild Cherry Nut or Crawfish scents. $8.00 per doz.
Pete Harpers Checkmate Glow in the dark muskrat lure - Special ingredients with amazing results. $7.00 per 1 Oz / $24.00 per 4 Oz
Weiser Western Lure
PREDATOR BAIT Horse or bobcat meat. $15.00 per pint
Natural Born Killer Gland and food call lure for canines. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Dakota Prairie Bait
Predator Bait # 1 This bait is bobcat meat based, properly aged with plenty of castor and mink and muskrat glands. This food/curiosity bait is extremely attractive to fox and coyote. Dakota Prairie appeals to both the canines hunger and curiosity and will continue to work during sub-zero conditions. Recommended for dirt holes, flat sets and T-bone sets. Limited supply due to availability of select ingredients $15.00 per pint.
Fish Delight An all season paste bait made from fresh preserved fish. Will not freeze or wash away. Shellfish oil and a touch of smoke give coon and mink everything they want. $15.00 per pint $23.00 per quart
Coon & Mink # 2 A thick powerful all season bait made of ground crayfish. An excellent changeup to other fish based baits. Crayfish is a common food for coon and mink therefore this bait has a strong appeal to both species. $5.50 per 4 oz. $9.00 per 9 oz. 15.00 per pint
Caven's Bait Prices
Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait      A long distance predator bait made with ground mice, castor and fox, muskrat and mink glands. For red fox, grey fox, coyote and coon. $9.00 per 9 oz. jar
Minnesota Valley Predator Bait      An early season bait made with the same ingredients as Hiawatha Valley with less taint. For red fox, gray fox. coyote and coon. $9.00 per 9 oz. jar
Minnesota Brand Coon and Mink Bait      Fish based bait that works not only on coon and mink but also takes cats, coyote and fox. Will work great in locations where any species is possible. $9.00 per 9 oz. jar
Terminator      A multipurpose liquid bait. Many high priced glands and oils go into this special mixed bag bait that works like a lure. For mink, fox, coyote and coon. $9.00 per 4 oz. jar

Peterson Furs accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders, PayPal,
Mastercard,Visa or Discover credit cards (credit cards call 605-482-8131 to place your order)
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Northwestern Predator and Wildlife Control Lures
All 9 - Cats, Gray Fox A fantastic grease based cat lure. Will not freeze or wash off when placed on trees or rock walls. Long lasting lure works great on gray fox too. Cats will use up ALL 9 of their lives on this one ! $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Canine Demise - Fox, Coyote, Badger This old Del Cramer formula has been around for 50 years. Works on all canines and badger. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Gangbuster - Coon, Cats, Beaver, Muskrat, Fisher and Marten An extremely sticky lure that coon find irresistable. This secret lure formulation is fabulous for fisher and marten. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Magnum Marten - All Predators The best call lure money can buy. Will not freeze and lasts all season. Thousands of trappers swear by this one. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Northwest Call - Canines Same ingedients as Magnum Marten but more attractive to canines. Works in sub-zero conditions. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Caven's Lures
Minnesota Red      Red Fox Gland Lure- Great early season lure $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Minnesota Gray Gray Fox Gland Lure - Made to bring gray fox in and make them feel comfortable. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Canine Force      Canine Food/Call Lure- Fox and coyote lure used at dirt holes. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Gusto -Call Lure      A strong long distance call lure great for late season. For red fox, gray fox, coyote, bobcat, marten and fisher. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Yodel Dog      Coyote Gland- A thick long lasting gland lure for dirt holes or flat sets. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Feline Fix      Bobcat Gland- A natural thick bobcat lure that will also take fox and coon. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Mink Master      Mink Gland - Takes those big male mink. Also works on fox, coyote and coon. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Moonshine      Raccoon Call Food - Eight ingredients go into this sweet smelling coon killer. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Bounty Beaver Beaver Food Lure - The right lure on summer and fall beaver. A great change up lure for castor shy beaver. Heavy liquid waterproof lure. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Timber ! Beaver Call/Gland Lure Ground castors with a loud effective calling agent in a waterproof base. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Otter Lure Supreme (Otter food / call lure) Extremely deadly on otter. Works for fox, mink, raccoon and bobcat as well. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz
Bread and Butter Muskrat Food/Call Lure - A blend of several muskrat calling agents with a piercing odor. A must on the muskrat line. A top lure that is attractive to raccoon also. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz

John Graham's Fur Country Lures
Mild Bonanza An all purpose lure for canines and cats. Great for multiple species sets and gang sets. A fragrant, lingering super attractive scent. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Super Bonanza Bonanza Mild with some kickers added to make it one of the hottest lures available. An all purpose curiosity/call type lure with a sweet skunky smell. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Deception Coyote gland lure made with pure fresh glands. Natural concentrated coyote smell. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Seduction Made with same pure coyote glands as deception with passion ingrediants added. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Excitor Red fox gland lure made from fresh fox glands. A year round red fox call lure. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Enticer Red fox gland lure with an extra ingrediant for fickle fox. Great change up lure. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Bobcat Gland A quality mellow cat gland lure. An all natural lure that will make cats respond to the smell of their own. A good all season alternative lure. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Badlands Bob This gland based bobcat lure will appeal to cats in a variety of uses. One of the very best combination canine and cat lures made. No other lure smells like this one. Great when used with Bait. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Purrfection A totally new cat lure perfected in the Montana badlands. This sweet mellow odor will cause cats to really work a set. Use alone or with urine. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Tomcat The best bobcat lure on the market today. Gland based lure with passion and curiosity ingrediants. Great changeup for coyote. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Double Cross Bait Made from fresh animal products with loud food type calling agents blended in. A concentrated lingering bait popular in red fox areas and on combination coyote and cat lines. Pint Jar. $15.00 per pint
Cat Creek Bait A thick heavy paste bait. Made from ground bobcat glands and meat. Attractive to all canines, cats and coon. A great all season changeup bait. Pint Jar. $15.00 per pint
Boss Beaver Lure Castor based lure that makes open water trapping easy. Made of good quality northern castor. Creates a curiosity and territorial response. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Carmen's Lures
Canine Call      Carman`s best selling fox, coyote and bobcat lure. I use more of this than any other lure. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Pro's Choice One of Carman`s best sellers. Attractive to coyote,fox and bobcat. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Magna-Gland A unique odor that really calls fox, coyote, bobcat and raccoon. Fast becoming a top seller. Good any time of year. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Mega-Musk Red fox, gray fox and coyote are aggressive to this odor. A long lasting and deadly lure for the canine trapper. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Midnight Made originally for pest control trappers because it is not attractive to dogs and cats. This lure has a strong, sweet perfume odor that attracts coon year round. $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.
Bobcat Gland This thick gland lure has a mild, sweet odor that is especiaaly attractive to Toms $7.00 per 1 Oz. $24.00 per 4 Oz.

Marak`s High Quality Lure
Red Fox # 2      Matrix Lure - Special passion ingredients. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Red Fox # 3      Gland Lure - Red fox special early season lure. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Red Fox # 500      Gland Lure - Glands with a special additive. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Blanket Beaver # 2      Castor Lure - Strong long lasting beaver castor lure. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Coyote # 2      Matrix Lure - Special passion ingredients. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Coyote # 3      Coyote Gland - Strong, loud gland lure. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Raccoon # 3      Raccoon Food - Sweet smelling black and red raspberry lure. $5.50 per 1 Oz
ULLTIMATE Raccoon Food - Sweet Maple and Spearmint. $5.50 per 1 Oz
Muskrat Lure #3 Muskrat, Raccoon lure -cherry . $5.50 per 1 Oz
Mink # 1 Mink Gland Lure $5.50 per 1 Oz

Hawbaker's Lures
Red Fox Gland Lure 100 A thick heavy matrix gland lure. A reliable all season fox lure. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Wiley Red 500 Special Good for those trap shy fox and multiple sets. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Coyote & Wolf Gland Lure 100 No better coyote lure on the market. Heavy base with little urine added. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Coyote Food Lure 400 This food base lure is good for coyote in any season. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Coyote Lure 500 Hawbakers best selling coyote lure. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Mink Lure #1 Thick gland base lure. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Muskrat Lure # 5 Designed specifically for late winter and spring trapping. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Raccoon Lure Sweet all season lure. No raccoon will pass by. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Weasel Lure This time tested lure is a must for weasel trappers. $7.50 per 1 oz.
Dobbins Quality Lures
Back Breaker - Beaver Lure Heavy castor based lure used on mound sets for winter and spring beaver trapping. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Woodchipper Beaver food lure that works all year at all sets. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Beaver Plus Beaver change up lure when a different smell is wanted. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
G.L.-40 Gland - This red fox gland lure is attarctive year round to fox, coyote, bocat and raccoon. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Purrrfect Bobcat gland - Formulated to take advantage of a cat's curiosity, passion and hunger. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Coon Candy Raccoon - A very sweet lure that is too attractive for raccoon to pass by. A great ADC lure for summertime use. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Canine Select Curiosity - This curiosity paste canine lure works on fox, coyote, cats and coon. $7.00 per 1 oz $24.00 per 4 oz.
Halseth Lures
California Cage Trap - Bobcat and Gray Fox Bobcat and Gray Fox - Specifically made to take bobcat and gray fox in cage traps. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Musselshell Breaks Coyote Buster One of Jim`s favorites. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Montana Magic - Bobcat Lure Possibly the best bobcat lure on the market. Montana Magic is a lure especially made for flat sets on open country. A powerful,sweet, far reaching lure that will pull bobcat in. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Montana Lynx Cat - Bobcat Lure Expected to be Halseth`s biggest selling bobcat lure. This lure is used for walkthrough sets at rock walls or stumps. Do not use this lure at dirt holes or flat sets as it makes cats want to rub. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Entrapment - Bobcat Lure A new release that has proven itself on Montana bobcat traplines. Entrapment can be used at any type of set during any kind of weather. Put extra pelts on your stretchers ! $24.00 per 4 oz.
Money Maker Cage Trap Special - Bobcat A new bobcat lure specially made for cage traps and cubbies. This lure will draw bobcat and lynx into tight enclosures without hesitation. Money Maker is not to be used on flat sets and dirtholes because of the rolling effect it has on cats. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Pale Coyote - Coyote and Fox This lure has gained a reputation as a fox and coyote killer. No other manufacturer uses the ingedients in this lure. $24.00 per 4 oz.
End of the Trail - Coyote A very stout gland lure attractive to coyote. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Private Reserve - Red Fox A heavy oily lure with a lingering odor. Heavy based lure with glands and musk. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Badger Buster - Badger Gland Lure Works on coyote as well. This lure is recommended for badger but works on all predators including bobcat. One of the finest badger lures on the market. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Call of the Wild - Call Lure Attractive to all predators. A meat based lure with exclusive musks that gives off a lasting odor in extreme cold weather. This powerful lure can be used early or late season. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Prarie Star - Coyote and Fox Coyote and Fox - Mouse base with civet and skunk musk for a long lasting powerful odor. Made for extra calling power. $24.00 per 4 oz.
High Plains Drifter - All Purpose This lure holds up in rain, snow or heat. A sweet skunky smell blended with a natural base. A favorite among marten and fisher trappers. $24.00 per 4 oz.
Horse Whisperer Predator Bait - Coyote and Fox This properly aged horse meat bait will make the fox and coyote dig. Made with the finest ingeredients this bait has caught thousands of coyotes. $24.00 per 16 oz.
Pingleys Professional Lures
COYOTE GLAND LURE Thick creamy gland type lure that works year round. $24.00 per 4oz.
NORWEST SPECIAL Lightly skunky. Used from Alaska to Africa. This top notch lure appeals to all predators. $24.00 per 4oz.
LAST STEP 2 Meat type lure works well in winter months. Called coyote mustard by Utah trappers. $24.00 per 4oz.
WYOMING PREDATOR BAIT Three meat base that appeals to coyote, cats and fox. $15.00 per pint.
Night Owl Lures
Red Fox Gland Do not underestimate the value of a good gland lure. The amount of fox glands in this lure makes it a must on the serious fox line. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
High Honors Use this mouse based food call lure with confidence. An all season lure used on all predators. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Brush Fire A call lure with tremendous range under cold conditions. This product was designed for marten and fisher trappers but is deadly on fox and coyote as well. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Crossbones Long distance call lure that packs a punch. Intoduced in 2003 this lure has become a favorite among many trappers. The power of pure skunk makes this lure makes this lure super for babcat and fisher as well as canines. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
*New* Plum Loco A very unusual 4 part base goes into this raccoon lure. This sweet and sour smell drives coon crazy. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Creek Side Call A must for mink trappers. This all call lure will work for any furbearer. Try this one on any set from early canines to late winter mink and rats. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Liquid Mouse Bait Extracted from 100% wild field mice. This simple to use squirt bait with a special musk additive is a killer on dirt holes. Great for cats and canines. $8.00 per pint
Supreme Solution Add this bait solution to your favorite home made bait to strengthen and preserve your bait as well as increase it`s effectiveness. For ground baits mix to desired consistency. For chunk bait add until absorbed with enough to cover chunks. Get the supreme power of skunk added to your bait. $12.00 per pint
Chain Reaction Canine Food Lure - A combination of two powerful food odors, attractive musks and long aging. This lure creates a multiple reaction in canines that keeps them at your set longer. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Red Gland XXL Same formula as Red Fox Gland with two added ingredients. Thick long lasting matrix lure. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Red Tornado A top producing lure on the canine line. A blend of two little used food ingredients, musks and oils make this one a winner. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Ontario You get a full dose of premium eastern castor in every bottle. A tremendous addition to any castor mound set. $7.00 per 1 oz. / $24.00 per 4oz.
Mark June Lures
Cherry Red Pure red fox gland lure never goes out of style. Fresh preserved glands are mixed with aged glands to produce that "foxy" smell. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Fox Frenzy This curiosity gland lure is a thick blend of glands and musk. This different deadly lure will perform on red and gray fox, coyotes and cats. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Songdog Supreme Coyote gland lure with a special mix of fresh and aged glands. Great for dirtholes or flat sets. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Silent Stalker A bobcat call that appeals to a cats territorial instincts. Cats are drawn to this lure aroma of glands, musk and natural oils. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Windwalker A predator food lure with thick consistency. All natural ingredients including a pinch of skunk. Attractive to red and gray fox, Coyote, cats, coon, mink and otter. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Canine Candy This lure has tested well in all parts of North America. Performs all season long on coyote, fox and timber wolves. A deadly change up on cats as well. This gland lure works with or without bait. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Widowmaker Predator Paste Bait - Junes top seller. Ground bobcat meat and lanolin base with fresh mink glands and beaver castor. $12.00 per pint.
Primetime Coon Foodbased coon lure has musk and a shellfish kicker. $7.00 per 1 oz.
$24.00 per 4 oz.
Leo Hoeft Lures
Used by professionals for 50 years
Coyote Gland Lure # 3 Thick, heavy and loud natural lure. $5.50 per 1 Oz. / $20.00 per 4 Oz
Fox Call Lure # 5 Long distance call lure that causes the fox to stick around and work the set. $5.50 per 1 Oz. / $20.00 per 4 Oz
K-9 Special # 25 Used widely in Montana and Wyoming during the 60`s. This is a very unique smell that will be different than what everyone else is using. $5.50 per 1 Oz. / $20.00 per 4 Oz
Raccoon Lure # 1 Ultra sweet for early season and cage sets. $5.50 per 1 Oz. / $20.00 per 4 Oz
Peterson Furs accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders, PayPal,
Mastercard,Visa or Discover credit cards (credit cards call 605-482-8131 to place your order)
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