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Beaver Sites and Sets $35.00
The Dirt Hole and its Variations $35.00
The Variations of the Flat Set $35.00
Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon Trapping on Streams $35.00
Open Water Beaver Trapping $35.00
   Slim Pedersen
Complete Bobcat Trapping $34.95
Productive Snaring Techniques $34.95
Predator Trapping Problems and Solutions - 2 DVD Set $49.95
Advanced Predator Trapping Problems and Solutions $49.95
New Millennium Trapping $39.95
   Bob Noonan
5X5/155 Bodygrip Combo Marten & Fisher Set with Marten & Fisher Fur Handling $29.95
Marten Trapping with Bob Noonan $39.95
Fisher Trapping with Bob Noonan $39.95
   Trapper Art
Trapper Art`s Fox and Coyote Video $19.95
Trapper Art`s Beaver Snaring and Trapping Video $19.95
Trapper Art`s Advanced Fox and Coyote Video $35.00
   Bob Wendt
Fox Trapping and More - 2 DVD Set $59.95
   Andy Weiser
Western Coyote Trapping - Andy traps year round in Montana where this video is based. $39.95
   John Graham
Canine Trapping $39.95
Fox Trapping $39.95
Bobcat Trapping $39.95
Bobcat Trapping Vol. 2 - More Way to Catch Cats $44.95
Snaring Coyotes $39.95
Raw Fur Handling at it`s Best $22.95
Raccoon Trapping and Handling From Start to Finish $29.95
   Lesel Reuwsaat
Coyote Methods $34.95
   Gerald Schmitt
Mega Mink Methods $34.95
   Johnny Thorpe
Western Bobcat and Fox Trapping $39.95
Western Coyote Trapping $39.95
   Mark June
Bobcat Trapping with Mark June -
Filmed on Mark`s trapline in Nebraska, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana.
Coyote Trapping $39.95
Coyote Trapping Volume 2 $39.95
   Darin Freeborough
Animalistics Trapping Eastern Coyotes $29.95
Trapping Winter Coyotes $34.95
Animalistics Rattlin` Chains $34.95
   Tracy Truman
Modern Gray Fox Trapping $29.95
Cage Trapping Bobcats and Gray Fox $29.95
   Ron Hauser
Marshland Muskrats -
Open water and winter trapping with foot hold, colony and bodygrip traps.
Muskrat Frenzy -
Join the muskrat frenzy as Hauser traps over 5000 South Dakota muskrat in 3 1/2 weeks.
   Kellen Kaatz
In the Lure Room -
A Complete Video Guide to Lure and Bait Making.
   Kyle Kaatz
Glands: A Trappers Commodity -
Learn the basics of collecting, storing and marketing animal glands.
Skunks: The Best Investment You`ll Ever Make $14.95
   Rich Kaspar
Deep Freeze Muskrat -
Rich uses colony traps and bodygrippers in runs and traps with foot holds in huts.
Trapping Muskrats by the 1000`s -
Watch Rich trap 1000 muskrats in 10 days using floats, bank sets, colonies and bodygrips.
   Mill Creek Lures
Beaver Trappin` -
This new DVD provides 2 hours of instruction on location, construction and application of various sets.
Dirt and Water Trapping Basics -
This video will guide you through dirt holes, pockets and dog proofs while you gain practical experience on set location and construction.
Runnin` the Line: Makin` Crop Circles -
Common sense predator trapping with over 100 night vision and catch clips.
Runnin` the Line: Coon Trappin` -
A straight forward, fast paced video for serious trappers.
   M&M Outdoors
Nuisance Trapping for the Common Man -
Vol. 1 Beaver Trapping - 2 Hours of Mississippi video.